Paul Cefalu

Frank Lee and Edna M. Smith Professor and Department Head
208 Pardee Hall

Bianca Falbo

Associate Professor of English, Assistant Department Head, Director of the First-Year Seminar Program, and Assistant Director of the College Writing Program
301B Pardee Hall

Mary Armstrong

Charles A. Dana Professor of English and Women’s and Gender Studies
117 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5992

Mikael Awake

Assistant Professor of English
309 Pardee Hall

Steven Belletto

Professor of English
207 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5247

Deborah Byrd

Professor of English
301A Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5238

Kathleen Clayton

Part-Time Instructor
314 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5245

Patricia Donahue

Professor of English
308 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5242

Megan Fernandes

Assistant Professor of English
306 Pardee

Randi Gill-Sadler

Assistant Professor of English
304 Pardee Hall
610 330 3353

Jennifer Gilmore

Assistant Professor of English
302 Pardee Hall

Tim Laquintano

Associate Professor of English and Director of the College Writing Program
305 Pardee Hall

Ryan Mitchell

Assistant Professor

Kathleen Parrish

Visiting Assistant Instructor
202 Feather House
(610) 330-5524

Christopher Phillips

Professor of English
309 Pardee Hall

Carrie Rohman

Professor of English
205 Pardee Hall

Christian Tatu

Coordinator of the College Writing Program
319 Pardee Hall

Lee Upton

Francis A. March Professor of English & Writer-in-Residence

Ian Smith

Richard H., Jr. ’60 and Joan K. Sell Chair in the Humanities
303 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5568

Walter Wadiak

Assistant Professor of English
310 Pardee
(610) 330-5241

Andrew Uzendoski

Visiting Assistant Professor of English
206 Pardee Hall

Professors Emeriti

David R. Johnson

204 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5409

June Schlueter

Professor Emerita

Carolynn Van Dyke

Francis A. March Professor Emerita
301B Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5536

James Woolley

Frank Lee and Edna M. Smith Professor Emeritus
204 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5246