Professor of English
205 Pardee Hall


  • Ph.D., Indiana

Teaching and research interests: Environmental humanities, including animal studies, modernism, performance, critical theory, and posthumanism.

Recent Publications (complete list here):


Choreographies of the Living: Bioaesthetics in Literature, Art, and Performance. Oxford University Press, 2018.

Stalking the Subject: Modernism and the Animal. New York: Columbia UP, 2009.

Articles and Chapters

“‘A Picture Lives with the Life you put into it’: Animality and Lawrence’s Paintings.” The Bloomsbury Handbook to D. H. Lawrence. Ed. Annalice Grise. London: Bloomsbury. Forthcoming, 2023.

“The Solar Plexus and Animalistic Power in D. H. Lawrence and Isadora Duncan.” Ethical Crossroads in Literary Modernism.  Ed. Katherine Ebury, Bridget English, and Matthew Fogarty, Clemson: Clemson University Press. Forthcoming, 2023.

“Making an Impression Deeply: Authorizing Animals in D. H. Lawrence,” Beastly Modernisms: The Figure of the Animal in Modernist Literature and Culture. Ed. Alex Goody and Saskia McCracken. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP. Forthcoming, 2023.

“Wolves Like to Wander Around: Nomadic, Distal, and Unfurling Forces in Maclear and Arsenault’s Virginia Wolf.” Comparative Critical Studies, “Reading Braidotti / Reading Woolf,” vol. 19, no. 2, (June 2022): pp. 185-211.

“Woolf, The University, and All Sorts of Brutality.” Modernism/modernity. Orientations Forum (March 2022).

“Prying Open our Critical Awareness:  Reading Animality in Literature and the Arts.” Society and Animals: An Introduction to Human-Animal Studies. Ed. Margo DeMello. New York: Columbia University Press, 2021: pp. 412-416.

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