Associate Professor of English and Director of the College Writing Program
305 Pardee Hall


  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • M.A. Rutgers University-Camden
  • B.A. University of Pittsburgh

Teaching interests: writing and rhetoric; writing and digital media; writing technologies; science writing; director of Lafayette’s College Writing Program

Research interests:  writing in digital environments; internet studies; literacy studies; composition pedagogy; authorship; current research is a qualitative study on the adoption of large language models by workplace writers

Selected publications:

Major Projects:

TextGenEd: An Introduction to Teaching with Text Generation Technologies. Co-editor with Annette Vee and Carly Schnitzler. Writing Across the Curriculum Clearinghouse, 2023.

Mass Authorship and the Rise of Self-Publishing (University of Iowa Press, 2016). Winner of the 2016 Computers and Composition Distinguished Book Award. Reviewed in Computers and Writing, Sharp News, and the Community Literacy Journal.

Articles and Chapters

Laquintano, Timothy and Annette Vee. “AI and Everyday Writers.” forthcoming in PMLA

Addy, T., Kang, T., Laquintano, T., & Dietrich, V.. “Who Benefits and Who is Excluded?: Transformative Learning, Equity, and Generative Artificial Intelligence.” Journal of Transformative Learning 10.2 (2023): 92-103.

When Writing Makes you Sick” In Beyond Productivity: Embodied, Situated, and (Un)Balanced Faculty Writing Processes. Hensley Owens, Kim and Derek Van Ittersum, Eds.Utah State University Press, 2023.

“How automated writing systems affect the circulation of political information online.” Literacy in Composition Studies (2017). (co-authored with Annette Vee)

The Legacy of the Vanity Press and Digital Transitions,” Journal of Electronic Publishing (Fall 2013).

“Online Book Reviews and Emerging Generic Conventions: A Study of Authorship, Publishing, and Peer Review.” New Directions in Writing Research. Charles Bazerman et al. Eds. Parlor Press (print version). Colorado State Writing Across the Curriculum Clearinghouse (open access PDF version). 2012. 521-38.

“Sustained Authorship: Ebooks, Value, and Participatory Culture.” Written Communication 27.4 (Fall 2010): 469-93. Print.

“Digital Writing and the Flow of ‘Intellectual Property.’” Computers and Composition 23.3 (Fall 2010): 193-201. Print.